• Gothic Plate Armour Gallery

    Gothic Plate Armour Gallery

    A gallery of just some of the Gothic Plate armour crafted by Manning Imperial.

  • Roman Rings

    Roman Rings

    Gilt silver rings decorated with granulation. The intaglios were supplied by the client so their value is not included in the listed prices. The larger one is carnelian and is a Roman Antique while the smaller is a reproduction in amethyst.

  • Magyar Sabre

    Magyar Sabre

    A reproduction of the 10th Century Magyar sabre held in the the Imperial treasury Vienna, also know as Charlemagnes sabre.

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As an international supplier to re-enactors, collectors, museums and the movie industry, we pride ourselves on the high quality and authenticity of all our products. We prefer to use authentic methods of construction wherever possible.

Rather than carrying a large range of products in stock most items are made to order and can therefore be customised to our clients most exacting requirements.

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